Katadyn BeFree Water Filter 3 Litre Award Winner


Katadyn BeFree Water Filter 3 Litre Award Winner Katadyn Be Free Water Filtration Bottle replacement cartridge Katadyn BeFree Water Filter 3 Litre Pouring Katadyn Be Free Water Filtration Flask 3 Litre with Carry Handle Katadyn Be Free Water Filtration Flask 3 Litre in use

Katadyn Be Free Water Filtration System 3 Litre


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The largest member of the BeFree Series, the Katadyn Be Free 3 Litre Gravity Fed Water Filtration System has a volume of 3 litres and weighs just 100 grams. Its even larger volume allows it to supply larger groups without a problem and is suited perfectly to serve in a mini-base camp or for a family outdoor outing. The integrated bail handle on the nozzle simplifies filling, and the handy grip allows the flask to be carried easily or hung on a nearby tree once full.

Just fill up the flask and let the EZ-Clean Membrane™ do the work. Gently squeeze the flask for instant refreshment. Maintain the EZ-Clean Membrane™ quickly and easily for longer life and more enjoyment. Simply fill the flask with water, attach the cover and shake free the debris. Or, remove the filter from the flask and swish in any lake, river or stream. And when you’re ready to “hit the road,” the collapsible flask packs small to fit into tight spaces. Just Smash, Stash and Go! Worry less, Discover more, BeFree. 

Features and Specifications

  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Ideal for basecamp and suitable for small groups from 3 to 5 people
  • Easy clean the filter membrane by simply shaking or swishing, no backflushing necessary
  • Removes 99.9 % protozoa and 99.9999 % bacteria to EPA standards, along with cysts and sediment
  • Cartridge is hollow fiber filter; 0.1 micron (0.0001 mm) EZ-Clean MembraneTM
  • PVC and BPA free
  • Output: up to 2 litres per minute
  • Cartridge will filter up to 1000 Litres, depending on water quality
  • Wide 42 mm flask opening for easy filling
  • Long lasting, high-tech Hydrapak water flask
  • Compact and ultralight, weighs just 100 grams
  • Volume: 3000 mls
  • Material: EZ-Clean Membrane with Hollow Fibers; Hydrapak® SoftFlaskTM made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), 100% PVC and BPA free

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