How to Clean Your Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir

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Osprey recommend the following method to clean a Hydraulics reservoir.

1. Rinse out the reservoir and fill it with warm water and a mild washing up liquid. DO NOT use bleach or boiling water
2. Scrub the interior of the reservoir with the large cleaning brush from Osprey’s Hydraulics™ Cleaning Kit
3. Remove the hose from the reservoir and the bite valve from the hose and use the small brush from Osprey’s Hydraulics™ Cleaning Kit to scrub the interior of the hose
4. Remove the silicone bite valve cover and clean it and the bite valve with warm soapy water
5. Rinse the interior and exterior of the reservoir, hose and bite valve parts with cool, clean water
6. Let the hose and bite valve dry in a well-ventilated area
7. Insert Osprey’s Hydraulics™ Cleaning Kit drying rack into the reservoir and hang to dry in a well-ventilated area

Using baking/bicarb soda, vinegar, and lemon juice are all good methods to help clean a reservoir and won't damage the reservoir, hose or valve. Milton Solution (used to clean dentures, baby bottles etc) is also a good option as it contains sodium chlorite which is what the Osprey cleaning tablets that used to be available contained.

Nemo Equipment Now Available at Seven Horizons

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We're excited to be able to showcase a range of hiking tents, mats and pillows from Award Winning Outdoor Brand, Nemo Equipment.  Since their inception in 2004, Nemo has won numerous awards for their backpacking tents, and their innovative designs have been named among the best inventions by Time Magazine, Reader's Digest, Men's Journal and Popular Science.

Check out the range here:

Your Camping Gear Checklist for your next trip away

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I'm a big fan of lists.  Last time we went camping I didn't make a list and I forgot to pack the camping table - yeah hard to believe it, but it's true. So we've put together a list of gear to pack when you next go camping so you won't forget anything or leave something behind.  It includes all the items you need for your campsite such as: tent and tarps, sleeping gear, camp kitchen, camp food, camp furniture, camp tools, camp lighting, camp hygiene, technology, safety and first aid, clothing, and camp fun.

You can view the full Camping Checklist at the link below:

Eagle Creek Travel Gear and Accessories now available at Seven Horizons

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We've just added some great lightweight travel packing solutions and travel luggage from Eagle Creek to the Seven Horizons website. Eagle Creek was the first travel company to make packing cubes to help organise your travel pack.  Checkout the range here:

Have a look at the Pack-It Specter Starter Set, it is a nice lightweight set that comes with a shirt folder and two packing cubes:

Eagle Creek Specter Starter Sets

I also particularly like the Eagle Creek Load Hauler Expandable Duffle Bag.  It's carry-on size, weighs just 830 grams and has an expandable gusset taking its capacity from 49 litres up to 57 litres. It can be carried as a backpack or duffle bag and the shoulder straps can be tucked away too.

Eagle Creek Load Hauler Expandable Carry-on Duffle Bag


The Eagle Creek Specter Clean Dirty Cubes are a great idea for separating clean and dirty laundry:

Eagle Creek Pack It Specter Clean Dirty Cube

And please contact us if there are other items from Eagle Creek that you would like to see us stock.

Tim Coles

Pack Light now Seven Horizons

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We've changed our name from Pack Light to Seven Horizons. Sad to see the old logo go but we like the new one too! Our new web addresses are: and

Our telephone number remains the same: 07 3388 0806

Nothing else has changed with the business. We'll still continue to sell lightweight quality hiking and travel gear from the world's best brands.

Tim Coles
Seven Horizons (Formerly Pack Light)

Buying Advice: Osprey Porter vs Farpoint vs Waypoint / Wayfarer

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So you've narrowed down your choice for a travel pack to something offered by Osprey and cannot decide which one is right for you. This is a common question that I get asked, so to help you out with your buying decision I've put together a bit of an overview of the Osprey Porter, Farpoint and Waypoint / Wayfarer series.   

First let's take a look at the Osprey Porter. In essence the Porter is more of a deluxe duffle bag or gear hauler rather than a travel pack. The reason I say this is because the harness system on the pack is very simple with no harness frame, no harness height adjustment, no load stabiliser, and minimal hip belt padding. If you do not intend to be wearing your pack on your back for very long periods of time, and rather for just a quick walk to the taxi rank, airport check-in etc, or will not have too much weight in you pack, then consider the Osprey Porter. The Porter does not include a daypack but on the latest models includes a tablet and laptop sleeve and extra pockets on the outside flap of the bag. The Porter is available in three volumes, 30 litres, 46 litres and 65 litres. The Osprey Porter 30 and 46 litre models are both carry-on size.

Next in the lineup from Osprey is the Farpoint Series of travel packs. The Farpoint series is a lightweight travel pack that has a backpack harness available in two torso lengths and includes a lightwire harness suspension, ventilation and padding on the shoulder straps and hipbelt along with load lifters and stabilising straps. So what this means is the harness on this series of packs will allow you to comfortably carry heavier loads for longer periods of time than the Porter series. The harness can be zipped away when not required or when checking your bag in at the airport. While the Farpoint series is nice and lightweight, they still come with an internal mesh pocket and an internal compression strap to assist with organising your gear. The Farpoint 55, and 70 come with a zip-off daypack as well. A daypack is not available on the Farpoint 80.

The Waypoint and Wayfarer series is Osprey's fully featured series of travel packs and come with a gender specific harness and hipbelt that is fully-adjustable. The harness system is similar to that used in Osprey's Viva and Volt Backpacks, and provides slightly better support and comfort over the Farpoint series. They Waypoint and Wayfarer packs use thicker foam in the shoulder straps, lumbar region and hip belt, which you will find more comfortable if you were carrying a heavier load or wearing your pack on your back for a longer period of time. These packs also have a couple of extra internal pockets for organisation of gear and some padding in the sides of the bag which makes the bag sit up a little more - a bit like a suitcase, which is great when packing your gear. The daypack on the Wayfarer is a little larger and has a port window for a tablet. 

The features of the three series of packs are summarised below. 

Osprey Porter Series  Osprey Farpoint Series Osprey Waypoint / Wayfarer Series
Carry-on Compatible? Porter 30 Litre and Porter 46 Litre Farpoint 40 Litre No models.
Daypack Included? No, but an Osprey Daylite can be clipped on Farpoint 55 Litre and Farpoint 70 Litre, not on Farpoint 80 Waypoint 80 and Wayfarer 70, and earlier Waypoint models. Slightly larger daypack than the farpoint series.
Fabric Main:420D Nylon Hex Diamond Ripstop
Accent:420HD Nylon Packcloth
Bottom:420HD Nylon Packcloth

Main: 210D Nylon Mini Hex Diamond Ripstop
Accent:600D Packcloth
Bottom:600D Packcloth

Main: 330D Nylon Dobby
Accent:420HD Nylon Packcloth
Bottom:420HD Nylon Packcloth


Harness Sizes and Fit

One size, fixed harness length Available in two sizes: Small / Medium and Medium / Large Gender specific harness. Earlier models came in S, M and L sizes, new models are one size which is adjustable.
Harness Cover Zippered pocket and pouch to stow away harness Zip-away harness- flap zips over and protects harness Zip-away harness flap zips over and protects harness.
Harness Frame 1 mm foam padding with no frame, no ventilation on backpanel

1mm foam padding with ventilated back and shoulder padding

LightWire Frame suspension

Gender specific harness with adjustable torso

1mm foam padding with spacer mesh back and shoulder padding.

LightWire Frame HDPE Suspension. and spacer mesh backpanel


Harness Hip Belt

Very light grade ventilated hip belt - no hipbelt stabiliser.  Spacer mesh hipbelt with stabilising straps. Gender specific spacer mesh hipbelt with stabilising straps.

Load Lifter Straps


None Yes Yes

Adjustable Sternum Straps

Yes Yes Yes
Shoulder Strap Included? No, but one can be attached. Farpoint 40 L



Internal Pockets
2 x Velcro internal pockets Zippered mesh pocket in lid 3- 4 internal pockets depending on model.
Padded Laptop/Tablet Sleeves Yes on new models Yes, on Farpoint 40 and in daypacks of 55L and 70L Yes on daypacks, along with a tablet port window on the daypack

External Pockets?

One top pocket. Farpoint 40 - two mesh pockets. On earlier models

Padded External Carry Handles

Top and side. Top and side. Top and side.


I hope this information is useful and aids in your decision making. As always if you need some more information or help feel free to contact us. 

Tim Coles


Pack Light now stocks some great lightweight travel and adventure gear from Grand Trunk

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Great news! We now stock some awesome lightweight travel and hiking gear from Grand Trunk. More items are  on order and will be added to the range soon. Check out the cool gear here:

Sea to Summit Sleeping Air Mattress Range available now at Pack Light

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Well after 4 years of development, Aussie Company, Sea To Summit have released their innovative range of sleeping mats. 

You can check out the new range of Sea to Summit Sleeping mats at the link below:

Sea to Summit set out to build a sleeping mat that would not only pack down small, but would also be comfortable to sleep on.  Their unique design is constructed using a dot-weld pattern that creates a high surface area matrix of interconnected chambers called Air-Sprung-Cells. These air cells function in the same way that a pocket spring mattress does, performing independently of one another, and conforming to your body shape to disperse pressure evenly. When you shift your weight, this isolates the compression of the pad, in much the same way a coil bed mattress works, and allows it to conform to your body far more naturally.

This sort of construction method differs totally to the way self-inflating mattresses are made, which will mean that the mattress is less likely to de-laminate. I'm glad to hear this, as I've thrown a few mats out now that have bubbled up and have had 'blow-outs' on the sides of the mattress.

Sea to Summit have been racking up a raft of industry awards since they launched the range, and here's what the judges had to say:

Backpacker Magazine 2015 Editor's Choice Award for the Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Mat
"We tested this mattress from the lowest valley in the United States to the highest peaks in Nepal, and the feedback always came back the same: This is the most comfortable night’s sleep we’ve had on a pad this packable. Combine that with a unique design that uses two separate air chambers—giving you 1.25 inches of insurance against a leak—and you get our new favorite pad. Pump the bottom half to max capacity to lift you off any roots or rocks, and then fine-tune the top half to your preferred level of firmness. Five hundred and forty-eight individual air cells provide structure and better support than traditional horizontal or vertical chambers—even for restless sleepers. One tester deliberately inflated just one side (she had the insulated version), and despite sleeping on uneven, frozen terrain, she was still warm and comfy at 16,000 feet in Nepal. Sleep cold? The insulated model amps R-value from 1.5 to 5 for $30 and 4.5 ounces more. And all this comfort still compresses to 4 by 7 inches. Bonus: The valves allow fine-tunable inflation and instant deflation." 

Outdoor Industry Award for Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Mat:
“This air mattress not only is comfortable but also has a compact pack size, weighs little, crackles hardly at all and has a structure that largely eliminates cold spots and better insulates the upper body. So it ticks all boxes.”

Gear Junkie – Best In Show Award:
“Two inflation chambers and an extra comfortable new kind of design that mimics an at-home cushy spring mattress makes these pads stand out. (…). All around, these are nice, light pads with a few added benefits that make a real difference. We can’t wait to camp out on the pads next year.”

Gear Institute – Best New Gear Award:
“It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a real advancement in sleeping mat design, and this is one we can get behind. The surface of each pad in Sea to Summit’s sleeping mat line is covered with big, pillowy cells that independently compress under pressure—meaning the mat remains firmly comfortable no matter which one of your bony points is pointing south. We also love that each mat is made of two independent air chambers, one on top and one on bottom, which makes it nicely adjustable and redundant in case one side pops. The best part? The stuff sack can be used to pump the mats up in just a couple seconds.”

Gear Patrol – Best of Outdoor Retailer Award:
“The major innovation is “Air Sprung Cells”, air chambers created by a dot-weld pattern that allows them to operate independently from each other. That means when you shift your weight the air doesn’t all squish out to one side.” 

Award Winning Osprey Atmos and Aura Anti-Gravity backpacks now available

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Stock has just arrived for the award-winning Osprey Atmos and Aura Anti-Gravity suspension backpacks. There has been quite a bit of interest in these packs and for good reason. They won the coveted Gold Award at the Outdoor Industry Awards in 2014, and more recently received the 2015 Editor's Choice Awards from Backpacker Magazine. 

The harness on these packs is like something I've never seen or felt before.  As soon as you put one of these backpacks onto your back, you can feel the difference.  The suspension system provides great support  and comfort for your back and hips. And not only is the suspension comfortable, but it is also ventilated so your back will stay cool when you heat up on the trail. While ventilated systems have been around for some time, Osprey have done a great job on making a comfortable suspension system for your back and your hips while ensuring that the pack load stays close to your back. 

The shoulder straps and hipbelt are very comfortable but what feels really great is how the hipbelt 'hugs' your hips. You feel like the backpack is strapping you in, rather than you strapping it on.

The Osprey men's Atmos AG and the women's Aura AG backpacks are available in two sizes, 50 litres and 65 litres. Check them out at the links below.

Osprey Atmos Men's Anti-Gravity 50 Litre Backpack

Osprey Aura Women's Anti-Gravity 50 Litre Backpack

Osprey Atmos Men's Anti-Gravity 65 Litre Backpack

Osprey Aura Women's Anti-Gravity 65 Litre Backpack

More stock of Marmot Essence Jackets just arrived

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Great news! We've just received some more stock and colours of the award-winning Marmot Essence Jacket.

This is an awesome lightweight fully waterproof, windproof and highly breathable jacket. The Essence jacket is ideal for travellers and fast-and-light active pursuits as it weighs in at just 179 grams and won't take up much space in your pack. I'd also recommend this jacket if you are active outdoors, as it uses a highly breathable yet waterproof membrane with a vent system at the sides of the garment that allows your body moisture to move out of the jacket.

I always have a bit of a chuckle when a shipment of these jackets arrive, because the box that they come in is packed with stock, but the carton size is so small!


Check out the new colours of the Marmot Essence Jacket from the links on the Pack Light website below:

Tim Coles

Pack Light

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