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24 October, 2018

Since 1974, Marmot has been making awesome outdoor gear including rain jackets, outdoor and travel clothing, hiking tents and sleeping bags.

Marmot - The History of The Brand

Marmot about the Brand

In April 1971, University of California Santa Cruz students Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley were in Alaska's Juneau Icefield on a school Glaciology project. While on a glacier that the idea of a "Marmot Club" began. The name 'Marmot' refers to a group of highly social, large ground squirrels that live in mountainous areas. To become a Marmot, you had to climb a glaciated peak with another Marmot. One of the rules of the club was that everyone was President. 

In the following years, Eric and Dave began making prototypes of down products in their dorm room. Their first products were a down vest, a sweater and a parka and, later, three down sleeping bags. The warmest bag, the PIKA (now known as the CWM) was rated at -45 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the winter of 1973, Eric did an ascent of the Grand Teton in Wyoming with Tom Boyce of Grand Junction, Colorado. The following spring, Eric and Dave joined Tom in Grand Junction where they rented a 100 year old stone building near downtown and opened a rental and retail shop under the name of Marmot Mountain Works. They taught cross-country skiing in the winter to get by. Thus, in the spring of 1974, Marmot the company was born.

In 1976, a meeting would change the future of Marmot when Eric met Joe Tanner of W.L. Gore & Associates. Eric was one of the first in the U.S. to see a new concept in outdoor performance fabrics called Gore-Tex. He was intrigued, and within a couple of weeks had sewn prototype sleeping bags using the new Gore-Tex fabric for field testing. He and Dave proceeded to spend seven nights in a commercial frozen meat locker comparing bags with and without the Gore-Tex fabric as well as testing the bags under fire sprinklers. They liked what they saw and immediately changed everything in the line to Gore-Tex fabrics. Today, Marmot is the oldest customer of W.L. Gore in the world outdoor market.  

Why Buy Marmot Outdoor Gear, Like a Sleeping Bag, Rain Jacket and Tent?

Today, Marmot has grown quite a bit since their humble beginnings in 1974, and now is a global brand, but one thing has never changed; their commitment to designing the highest quality performance outdoor product.

Marmot as a company remains on the cutting edge of innovation, and consistently wins awards for its rain jackets jackets, clothing, tents and sleeping bags. Marmot's Nano Pro and Nano Pro Membrain are waterproof and breathable coatings and membranes that offer superior waterproofness and air permeability. Marmot's EvoDry  is a patented water repellent treatment that bonds to fabric fibres at a molecular level and does not wash off or wear out. It's 100% PFC free.

Long Heritage - Marmot's Mountain Pro Sleeping Bag range have been thoroughly tested in extreme conditions on every continent since they started manufacturing sleeping bags back in the 70's. They are an integral part of Marmot's long heritage as an industry leader in technical innovative expedition gear.

Industry Leader - Marmot's Outdoor Sleeping Bag range have been the industry leader for many years and strike a perfect balance between performance, versatility and value. Fully-featured, combined with super soft lining make these bags extremely comfortable.

The Marmot Tungsten Tent series build on Marmot's commitment to manufacturing great hiking tents, with increasing livability and maximising comfort. Volume optimising structure provides up to 35% more space than a standard x-frame tent. Catenary cut floors and fly keep seams off the ground, add durability, increase living space and increase ventilation. Colour coded poles and clip webbing make set up a breeze. Marmot's Limelight Tent series have set the industry standard for reliable, easy to set up, roomy hiking tents that provide great protection from the weather. Features include zone pre-bend poles for additional space; super sized D-doors, colour-coded easy pitch clips and poles; taped seamed fly for maximum waterproofness, catenary cut floors and multiple gear pockets. The Marmot Force Tent series are the go-to tents for fast and light adventures with etheral weight and impressive volume. Dual doors, a volume optimising structure, and extended head and foot zones ensure comfort and ease of use. The Marmot Bolt Tent series are Marmot's lightest hiking tents that are low on weight but big on room. The Marmot Eos Tent series is designed for solo through hiking and overnighters and offer a sturdy lightweight shelter with ample space. Check out the Marmot Tent Range here: https://www.sevenhorizons.com.au/collections/marmot-tents-australia


    Marmot Hiking Tents, including the Tungsten, Limelight, EOS, Force and Bolt Models: https://www.sevenhorizons.com.au/collections/marmot-tents-australia

     Marmot Tents Australia

    Marmot Sleeping Bags, including their Mountain Pro and Outdoor Sleeping Bag range:  https://www.sevenhorizons.com.au/collections/marmot-sleeping-bags-australiaMarmot Sleeping Bags Australia

    Marmot Clothing and Equipment: including their award winning Essence , Precip and Minimalist Jackets, convertible pants, polartec fleece jackets, and packable daypacks: https://www.sevenhorizons.com.au/collections/marmot-rain-jackets-and-clothing-australiaMarmot Equipment and Clothing Australia
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