What is Polygiene? And How Does It Work?

Polygiene permanent odour control neutralises body odour by preventing the growth of both odour-causing bacteria and fungi.  Clothes stay fresh and odour-free, and can be worn several times without the need for washing. Polygiene technology extends the life of clothing because less washing is required and less bacteria are present to break down the clothing fibres. Polygiene is safe next to the skin and is Bluesign approved.

Polygiene Odor Control Diagram

How Does Polygiene Odour Control Technology Work?

Polygiene uses low concentrations of silver salt (silver chloride) which has antimicrobial properties. The treatment is applied at the finishing stages of textile manufacturing and both field and lab tests show a high level of odour control beyond the normal lifespan of a garment. Polygiene silver salt technology is only active on the textiles itself and it is NOT a nanosilver. Polygiene particles are more than 100 times larger than nanoparticles and therefore are too large to penetrate to the skin’s barrier. 

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