Wilderness Equipment Top Loading Canvas Daypack Ocean Canvas


Wilderness Equipment Top Loading Canvas Daypack Ocean Canvas

Wilderness Equipment Traverse 33 Litre Top Loading Canvas Hiking Day Pack - Ocean

Wilderness Equipment

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It's a jungle out there. Of all the daypacks ever conceived this one stands out as a truly useful, classic design. 33 litres capacity is more than enough for most purposes. The single compartment and large back pocket work well. The simple drawcord throat and buckle-over top cover provide not just great flexibility but also excellent wet weather performance. Combining the endurance of high quality canvas with detailed wear reinforcement the Wilderness Equipment Traverse Canvas Day Pack will serve for many years. This latest version features canvas side pouches and our new 'contour adaptable' segmented body panel - adding convenience, good looks and functional excellence . Only from WE.

Traverse Daypack from Wilderness Equipment on Vimeo.

Additional Information about the Traverse

Utter simplicity is the clue to the remarkable versatility and durability of the Traverse. The large main compartment can be lightly packed, the top cover straps adjusted right down, and the pack worn as a cycling pack. When the time comes to use it's full capacity you won't be limited by having to close up a zip. Under 24/7 use the Traverse handles weekends as well as student or commuter week days with ease. Access to books, files, lunch pack or clothing is immediate under the top cover. The top loading bag is more secure against pick-pockets than zipped types and 'lazy' users, leaving the top cover unfastened, will also appreciate the low risk of the contents spilling. When it starts to rain, with the top cover fastened in position you can have confidence that water is not creeping into the main compartment through an exposed zip.

The Traverse is a slim-line younger sibling to the larger capacity Contour. With the 2011 re-vamp we have added some extra features like canvas side pockets with replaceable shock cord rim adjustment and a new, segmented harness panel. The pack is shaped to follow both the vertical and lateral curves of the back and the segmented body contact panel allows this to happen freely. Click on the show-larger button to see the harness panel view. The drawcorded rim of the main compartment is upswept so it pulls in over the load without straightening out the bag. The large top cover provides excellent weather-proofing whether the bag is fully packed or not. The straps securing the top cover also serve to trim the bag when it is not fully loaded. The bag is prevented from rounding out at the throat by a rigid, transverse 'anti-roll' bar at the shoulder harness attachment level. A closed-cell foam back pad is located in a zipped, internal pocket below this bar. This pocket is also a useful place to keep things like maps for other parts of the journey and other documents not requiring frequent access. A separate water bladder pouch hangs inside the main campartment with the drink tube port located between the shoulder harness. On the outside of the pack a large, simple back pocket with reversed, heavy-duty zip and effective cover flap deals with items needed between stops.

If you are looking for versatility in a daypack the TRAVERSE is the one to go for. By choosing WE you will automatically be assured of the highest durability. In fact, like all the canvas WE daypack models, if you take a little care, this pack will still be serving you in 15 or 20 years time.

If you need a longer 38mm waist strap than the standard one fitted these are available for the Traverse. If you do not need the waist strap provided it is easily detached. When the time comes to rejuvenate the finish on your classic canvas daypack proprietory canvas re-proofing solution is available through your backpack retailer. It effectively gives your pack a new lease of life. there is no equivalent solution for a pack made from pure synthetic fabrics.

Features and Specifications

  • A rugged, versatile top-loading daypack.
  • Great for day bushwalks, student commuting and all general use.
  • Generous back pocket and side/bottle pockets.
  • Closed-cell foam back pad in internal zip pocket.
  • Anti-roll bar across shoulder level.
  • Full base rand for wear protection.
  • Segmented harness/back panel.
  • Canvas faced, contoured shoulder harness.
  • Detachable, quick-release, 38mm waist stabilisation strap.
  • Bag Fabric: High-density 275g core-spun canvas
  • Reinforcing Fabric: 1000d PU coated nylon Kodra.
  • One back length: M (450mm)
  • Capacity: 33 litres
  • Weight: 1.0 kg

Sizing and Fitting Your Wilderness Equipment Backpack

Where a daypack is not fitted with a substantial hip harness WE specify the back length so you can judge how it might rest on your back. Some long daypacks may be too long for use on very short torsos.

Where WE quote a back length of 450mm this is the distance from base seam on the harness panel up to either the shoulder harness top stabiliser strap anchor buckles (if present), or otherwise, the seam where the fixed shoulder harness arms attach to the pack bag (as with the classic canvas daypack models). Our daypack back lengths are either 400mm (S), 450mm (M) or 500mm(L).

You can think of these lengths as corresponding to the backpack sizes S, M and L for packs that ARE fitted with substantial hip harness systems. If you are a size L in this type of pack then you will also be able to comfortably carry a 500mm back length basic daypack.

The majority of WE's simple daypack models are 450mm, suitable for all but the shortest torsos.

Steps to Measuring Your Back Length

Measure the vertical distance from the crest of your hip bone up to the level of your shoulder surface, where the pack shoulder harness will rest. Find the top of your hip bone (pelvic crest) on one side. Hold the end of a tape measure on the bone. It slopes down as you move along it towards the front centreline of your body. Find a position directly down from a point on the corresponding shoulder at the place where the shoulder harness arm will cross it. Now, extend the tape measure vertically upwards from the hip bone and, at the same time, rest a ruler or other straight edge horizontally on your shoulder, extending forward from where the shoudler harness padded arm will rest. Ask someone to help out with this. Read off and note the distance where the shoulder level meets the tape measure.WE Back Length Measurements

Back Lengths and Pack Sizes Wilderness Equipment

 Measurement WE Pack Size
Up to 35 cm Extra Small
35 cm to 40 cm Small
40 cm to 45 cm Medium
over 45 cm Large



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