Osprey hiking packs for Australia’s most seasoned travellers

When envisioning their dream vacation, travellers never picture themselves standing at a luggage carousel, filling out bag claim forms, and shepherding baggage trolleys piled high in and out of taxis and through the streets of foreign cities. However, for far too many travellers, these chores are an unfortunate and avoidable part of their trip, resulting in a rocky start and finish to even the most relaxing excursion.

For some travellers, enlisting the help of porters and assistants is part of the journey and can alleviate some the headache of having ‘too much baggage’. However, the fact remains that packing too much often results in messy, disorganised suitcases and increases the chance that something will be lost or damaged along the way. Conversely, packing light can increase the enjoyment of a trip, both beforehand as you anticipate the adventures you’ll have as you plan your packing list and during the trip, when you avoid the hassle of waiting on, transporting and keeping track of multiple unneeded items.

Luckily, packing light doesn’t mean going without the things you need. With the right bag and a few simple packing tips, it's easy to keep the luxury and skip the hassle.

Packing light is our speciality

At Seven Horizons, we specialise in name brand, lightweight outdoor gear that looks great no matter how long or tough your journey. We cater to travellers who want to get out and go as efficiently as possible. Whether it's for a back-country trip or multi-month international journey, we have the extensive personal experience to help guide you in your choice of quality hiking and day packs and other travel gear.

When choosing a bag for an extended journey some of the most important features are weight, comfort, and durability. For long trips, even a few extra ounces can significantly influence the overall comfort of a bag. All the bags sold by Seven Horizons are the lightest in their class and come backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. Travellers looking to buy Osprey hiking packs, for example, can choose from many different sizes and features, such as zip-away harnesses and detachable day pack. Those who want to check their bag and have the day pack available as a carry-on or for short excursions will find this incredibly useful.

True minimalists can avoid checking bags altogether when they buy Osprey day packs or travel with one of the smaller hiking packs, since these bags will fit into aircraft overhead compartments. Travelling with only a single carry on requires a bit more planning than travelling with a full complement of luggage. However, the rewards are well worth it.

To pack light, endeavour only to include items that have more than one use. For example, clothing that can be layered or accessorised for multiple occasions. Some of our Osprey hiking packs sold in Australia include multiple organisation pockets, such as for a tablet or laptop, and you can transform them into everyday use by converting to a shoulder-carry or including a detachable daypack, as mentioned above. Try packing for your trip early and then take another look at your bag a few days later. Endeavour to remove half of the items that you initially packed. You’ll be surprised at how much you don’t need.

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