A Closer Look at Sea to Summit Packing Cubes for Travel Organisation

When you’re travelling, it’s important to make efficient use of your space in your bag. While there are lots of things you’ll need on your journey, trying to fit all of this in your bag and keeping it organised presents a challenge.  When flying, a lack of space is especially pertinent as you’re trying to fly without incurring extra baggage fees. The more stuff you can bring with you economically, the better.

The packing cube is a practical and elegant solution for travellers seeking to save space while bringing their essentials with them. The idea behind the packing cube is simple: instead of trying to play tetris with all your items in one large suitcase or backpack, you use a set of lightweight "containers" that all fit conveniently into your travel pack. Each of these containers allows you to pack items of a certain size so that when you put them all together, you don’t have to worry about wasting space.

Several companies have been making packing cubes in a variety of styles in recent years, and one of these of these brands that has been manufacturing packing cubes for the lightweight traveller has been Aussie company, Sea to Summit. Sea to Summit prides themselves on producing innovative, lightweight and compact gear for easy travel, using lightweight but durable materials to manufacture products that last without being bulky or awkward to move. 

Sea to Summit's packing cubes come in a variety of types, including packing cells, shoe bags, stuff sacks, mesh cubes and shirt folders. Check out our range of Sea to Summit packing cubes at the links below:

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